We are still taking bookings up until Dec, 16th 2018. However, due to the current situation at Hamilton House we are no longer taking bookings for the new year. We are devastated by this and apologise that we can no longer serve our community as we normally would, for the time being. We hope you find the best space for your event! If you are interested in booking with Coexist if we find a new space please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you. 

All the love – Coexist Events Team

Still wanna go ahead with a 2018 booking?

As well as being a host for over 400 diversely talented tenants and businesses, Hamilton House also prides itself on being a vibrant and eclectic space for hire, with competitive prices to boot! Below is a brief overview of the different spaces we offer, please follow the links for more information or take a look at our pricelist for a complete overview.

Need food for your event? We also have a range of options available to suit any needs, click here for more info.

We have a brand new bar!

Our large and hugely flexible Events Space has played host to all kinds of get-togethers, from monthly Storytelling performances to wild winter banquets.. But with the recent addition of a brand spanking new bar, this is the perfect party space to gaze over the busy streets of Stokes Croft below with a delicious locally brewed beer in hand..

To celebrate this new addition to the Events Space we’re very proud to introduce our highly competitive Summer Party Package, including a fully stocked bar with a range of local and and ethical sourced brews, a fully functional PA system, and staff on hand to keep the drinks flowing! Find out more more about the bar here.

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Event Space

This is where the action happens! This versatile venue is able to host up to 120 people for all sorts of inspiring public and private events, parties, shindigs, soirees or whatever else you can think of!.

Kitchen Hire

The Coexist Community Kitchen is a fully equipped professional kitchen ready to be hired for any food based projects.

Dining Room

A bright space with rustic 18 seater table, a perfect addition to group classes & workshops run in the Community Kitchen, or as a break out room for the Events Space.

Space for ideas to bloom

Like the brain on the body, the top floor of Hamilton House is a space for creating, sharing and nurturing good ideas. Our Conference Space can hold over 100 people for talks, lectures or forums; or, if you’re looking for something more intimate our Freedom Room, Mild West Room and Cloud Room are perfect for meetings, discussions or one-on-ones.

Brain power requires energy though, so don’t forget that we offer a range of catering services for any scale of event. Find out more about catering at

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Mild West Room

A relaxed and welcoming space overlooking but away from the hustle and bustle of Stokes Croft perfect for meetings and small conferences.

Reading Room

The Reading Room offers a quiet intimacy surrounded by the peaceful décor of delightful books.

Cloud Room

Situated on the top floor is the Cloud Room, a quieter, more intimate space used for meetings, presentations, discussions and information workshops.

Freedom Room

Situated on the top floor it is a quieter environment often used for small talks, discussions and information workshops.

Creatives welcome here

Given that we house over 300 artists, designers, illustrators, seamstresses, and makers of all sorts in our studios, it should be no surprise that Hamilton House is a space that hugely encourages creativity. Our gallery regularly hosts a diverse and eclectic range of shows from artists local and international, while our Community Arts Space has an ever-growing roster of workshops and tasters that are guaranteed to turn beginners into Botticellis!

As well as venue hire we also offer a different kind of space for creatives looking to cash in on their talents, in the Coexist Shop. Featuring a stock of trinkets and troves from local makers of Bristol that is borderline overwhelming, our in-house shop is the perfect space to sell prints, cards and all kinds of handmade wares for any occasion! Find out a little more about how to sell in our shop here...

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An ideal venue for all kinds of exhibitions, situated right in heart of Stokes Croft.

Community Arts Space

With a butler sink, plenty of natural light and a tea room close to hand, the Community Arts Space is perfectly equipped for all kinds of arts and crafts workshops.

Getting physical at Hamilton House

Full praise goes to our partner and longtime friend DMAC (Dance Music Arts Collective), who keep our 4th floor of the building lively and thumping thanks a broad roster of physical classes. You’ll hear the powerful African drums blasting out every Wednesday night, but Hamilton House also hosts more Yoga classes than any other venue in Bristol, so there’s no shortage of tranquility and peace too!
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Dance Studio 1

Studio 1 has a dedicated black Harlequin rubber dance floor and comes equipped with a sound system.

Dance Studio 2

Studio 2 offers a wood effect Harlequin sprung dance floor with floor to ceiling mirrors.

Rejuvenate yourself in our Wellbeing Center

Follow the smell of Nag Champa up our stairwell, and you’ll stumble across Wellbeing, a calm and peaceful space, that hosts over 30 different therapists offering just about everything from Acupuncture to Shiatsu. Perfect for releasing a bit of that 9-5 tension! Though we don't offer our therapy rooms for hire on the same basis as others above, we have a range of membership options to suit all kinds of aspiring or established therapists. Click here to find out more about all the wonderful things Wellbeing can offer, or follow the link below to learn more about membership.
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Full Venue Hire Pricelist

Don't forget, we also do catering! Click here for more info.
Cloud Room10£20/15*£120/£90*
Community Arts Space30£25/£20*£150/£120*
Community Kitchen12-25£25/£20*£150/£120*
Dance Studio One40£25/£20*£150/£120*
Dance Studio Two100£30/£25*£180/£150*
Event Space120£35/£28*£210/168*
Freedom Room30£25/£20*£150/£120*
Kitchen & Dining Room PackageN/A£30/£25*£180/135*
Mild West Room30£25/£20*£150/120*
Reading Room5£10/£7.50*£60/£45*
*Discount applies to not-for-profits, charities, licensees
  • A flat rate cancellation fee of £15 applies to any cancelled booking regardless of notice period.Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details on cancellation fees and bookings.

Technical Equipment Projector with screen: £20 Flipchart stand with paper: £5 PA system: £50 (2 hand held wireless mics or block rocker: free with PA hire upon request), Blockrocker Amp £20 per session, Computer speakers: £5.