Venue & Room Hire Overview

We are still taking bookings up until Dec, 16th 2018. However, due to the current situation at Hamilton House we are no longer taking bookings for the new year. We are devastated by this and apologise that we can no longer serve our community as we normally would, for the time being. We hope you find the best space for your event! If you are still interested in booking with Coexist if we find a new space please do get in touch - we would love to hear from you. All the love - Coexist Events Team
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Meeting & Conference

Freedom Room

Situated on the top floor it is a quieter environment often used for small talks, discussions and information workshops. More Info

Cloud Room

Situated on the top floor is the Cloud Room, a quieter, more intimate space used for meetings, presentations, discussions and information workshops. More Info

Mild West Room

A relaxed and welcoming space overlooking but away from the hustle and bustle of Stokes Croft perfect for meetings and small conferences. More Info

Reading Room

The Reading Room offers a quiet intimacy surrounded by the peaceful décor of delightful books. More Info

Event Spaces

Event Space

This versatile venue is able to host up to 120 people for all sorts of inspiring public and private events. More Info

Kitchen Hire

The Coexist Community Kitchen is a fully equipped professional kitchen ready to be hired for any food based projects. More Info

Community Arts Space

With a butler sink, plenty of natural light and a tea room close to hand, the Community Arts Space is well equipped for delivery of arts and crafts workshops. More Info

Dining Room

A bright space with rustic 18 seater table, a perfect addition to group classes & workshops run in the Community Kitchen, or as a break out room for the Events Space. More Info


The Hamilton House gallery is an ideal place to show your artwork or host an exhibition of any kind. We strive to support emerging artists throughout the community of Stokes Croft More Info

Treatment Rooms

Wellbeing offer four beautiful treatment rooms varying in size, and a private reception area. If you’re a therapist looking to hire a room, we’d love to hear from you More Info

Dance Studios

Dance Studio 1

Studio 1 has a dedicated black Harlequin rubber dance floor and comes equipped with a sound system. More Info

Dance Studio 2

Studio 2 offers a wood effect Harlequin sprung dance floor with floor to ceiling mirrors. More Info

Full Venue Hire Pricelist

Don't forget, we also do catering! Click here for more info.
Cloud Room10£20/15*£120/£90*
Community Arts Space30£25/£20*£150/£120*
Community Kitchen12-25£25/£20*£150/£120*
Dance Studio One40£25/£20*£150/£120*
Dance Studio Two100£30/£25*£180/£150*
Event Space120£35/£28*£210/168*
Freedom Room30£25/£20*£150/£120*
Kitchen & Dining Room PackageN/A£30/£25*£180/135*
Mild West Room30£25/£20*£150/120*
Reading Room5£10/£7.50*£60/£45*
*25% Discount applies to not-for-profits, charities, licensees **If hired with Event Space ***Artist rate applies to sole trader, independent artist, art/craft community workshop
  • A flat rate cancellation fee of £15 applies to any cancelled booking regardless of notice period.*
  • All spaces are subject to an additional £11/hour charge after 9pm on Weekdays, and after 5pm on Weekends.
*Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details on cancellation fees and bookings.

Dining Room Hire Prices (if hired with the Event Space) Hourly Rate: £10 | £5* Weekdays after 9pm and weekends after 5pm there is a surcharge of £11 per hour

Technical Equipment Projector with screen: £20 Flipchart stand with paper: £5 PA system: £50 2 hand held wireless mics: £10 only available with PA hire A Blockrocker Amp inc. 2 wireless hand-held mics – £20 per session Computer speakers: £5