At it's core, Hamilton House is all about providing the community with a space to live, work, and play, and our studio spaces lie at the heart of this belief. For eight years now, the astoundingly diverse range of licensees have helped to turn the building into a breeding ground for creativity and innovation.

The three options below are just a brief summary of the spaces available for rent, for a more extensive list of our building licensees, check out the Hamilton House Directory.

NB: Due to our current unstable situation, we are not looking to fill up our studio spaces at this time, however please fill in a Space request form (under 'Apply') if you would like to hear about any future Coexist run space.

Artist Studios

The Hamilton House studios are made up of a wide variety of artists and makers including visual fine artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion and costume designers, writers, puppeteers and much more.

Enterprise Offices

Coexist has a range of light airy offices available to rent, from open and shared areas, to private, closed spaces. Coexist welcomes groups from a range of backgrounds that all share a passion for social and cultural improvement.

Hotdesking & Coworking

Hamilton Hub is the home to our Co-working and Hot-desking space, as well as the Coexist office. We provide flexible, affordable desk space on a temporary or long-term basis.