Somatic Movement

by Alistair Edmunds

Experimental Anatomy – Somatic Movement
An elemental approach to interrelatedness

Somatic Movement promises to leave you feeling more connected to your body, to help you understand more about what is going on with your body, learn about yourself physically and emotionally through movement and help you to find different ways to relate to your body. The exploration during a Somatic Movement class can be applied into other movement practise (for example, dance, yoga, martial arts etc.) or into your daily life and is suitable for anyone who enjoys movement.

Come and learn more about your body through the experience of moving it! This workshop will focus on the spine, working with skeletal structure, underlying formation as well as organ and nervous system support. Alistair will use guided visualisations, music, breath, facilitated movement and touch along with the aid of medical textbooks and anatomical models providing a map for exploration in movement.


Shiatsu – September

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Energy Healing – August

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Thai Massage – July

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Overcoming Anxiety – June

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Learn about Somatic Movement with Alistair Edmunds

Talk: 25th October from 6pm (free)

Workshop: 27th October from 11am (£10 plus booking fee)