Nealey Conquest – Holistic Massage

Nealey has been offering Holistic Massage since 2006. Shortly after qualifying she independently travelled in India for a year and a half, hoping to explore the anglo-indian heritage of her family alongside practicing this transferable skill.

On her way she attended a number of Buddhist retreats and learned a range of treatments in the Ayurvedic tradition, including Abhyangha (a gentle but firm whole body massage applying medicated oils with sweeping rhythmic strokes), Ayuryogic Technique (a dynamic technique from Pune in west India, combining assisted yoga stretches with ayurvedic oil and calmus powder massage) and Shirodara (a gentle, balancing treatment where medicated oil is poured in a steady stream onto the forehead), which have helped to form her current approach.

Nealey aims to practice with integrity and sensitivity, tailoring her treatments to your individual needs. She enjoys Holistic Massage because it works with the body as a whole. Simple base oil such as grapeseed or almond will be applied to the skin with a variety of strokes to stimulate circulation, ease muscular tension and restore balance in the body and mind. Breath work and stretches may also be used where appropriate.

Holistic Massage can be a full body treatment or focus on a particular area. The beauty of this practice is that it allows practitioner and recipient to be truly present and adaptable, thereby encouraging positive change.


Phone: 07530430656