Laura Wady

Laura is an illustrator/artist currently working with Drawn in Bristol. Whether inspired by the human body, carnival, mysticism or old fashioned botanical, wildlife and scientific illustration, all of her artwork features meticulously detailed drawings. She works almost exclusively with watercolour, gouache and pencil and is obsessed by subtlety and fine observation.

Laura studied illustration at Plymouth university followed by a masters in illustration:authorial practice at Falmouth university. Studying authorial illustration has nurtured and expanded the self-directed aspect of her illustration practice and has taught her the importance of developing a strong knowledge of the subject matter that develops within a body of work. Upon completion of her MA Laura was awarded the Graphic Literature Prize by publishing house Atlantic Press and her work was published as a limited run of artist’s books entitled [phantom], this book explores the female body, narrative and pattern making.

Another area of interest for Laura is the creation of comics and graphic novels. Through comics she endeavours to develop the playful and narrative aspect to her practice. As well as [phantom] She has had a mini comic entitled ‘Night Terrors’ published through Fantagraphics as part of an anthology entitled ‘Treasury of Mini Comics Volume 1’. She is currently working on a feature length comic.

An intricate and engaging style of work, which would be well applied to graphic novels, print pattern, botanical and scientific illustration, permaculture, home and garden, editorial, pet portraits, murals, wedding invitations, gift cards, portraiture and bespoke commissions.


Phone: 07769116314