Lana Lynn Mareno – Energy Healing

Integrative Energy Healing, Personal and Spiritual Development- Lana Lynn Mareno, BCMA reg, IIHHT dip: SEH dip, Hyp,CS dip

Lana works intuitively as a Body Centered Energy Healing Therapist. Her training with the school of Energy Healing UK over 3 years focused on self healing and personal development.

Coming from the Barbara Brenan approach ( Hands of Light ) she works with the Auric energy fields to clear accumulated blockages that can be from current or past life issues, conscious or un-conscious, which have manifested into physical dis-ease and imbalance.

The Chakra system ( 7 energy centers) is where she focuses to look at where blockages lie.

Inner Child, Sound Healing, Astral clearing and Counseling are a few of the techniques she works with to help balance, re-vitalize and regenerate the flow of energy to the whole system, holistically clearing old patterns and old core beliefs that can keep you stuck in the past. This can lead to physical,emotional and mental healing and can assist your spiritual awakening.

Anxiety, depression, back problems, migraines, addictions, and fertility issues are a few conditions that can benefit as a result of 1 session but 3 are seen as a way of a process of awareness, release and integration.



Phone: 07778932516