Holm and Ivy Ltd

Holm & Ivy; the Big Day Specialists. Weddings, civil partnerships, blessings, celebrations and all love related shin-digs and shenanigans!

Love eh… what a superb excuse for a party! Your big day will most probably be the only day in your life where pretty much everyone you know and love will get together to celebrate you apart from your funeral… which you’re less likely to have much to do with. There can be no plan too over the top, no detail too small; it’s all worth it.

I’m Jules. I’m a natural born do-er of things; a no-stone-left-unturned kind of gal made to deliver brilliant events without the drama. I’ve worked for private folks, city suits, toured with rock stars, been hospitable, helpful and organised up mountains, up to my elbows in mud and on sunny beaches. I am a big day specialist.

Email: jules@holmandivy.com

Phone: 07932308817