Figo Home

Figo Home brings contemporary inspired custom made lampshades together with hand-turned bases in classic and traditional designs, alongside re-loved vintage lamp bases. Every creation is made by hand in the UK and offers our customers something individual, affordable and desirable.

Since Figo Home was established early in 2013, creator Siobhan McGinnis has drawn inspiration from her appreciation of printed textiles and contemporary design. Siobhan’s love of interior decor, colour, furniture and especially good design sparked her desire to breathe new life into lighting
design and create unique products that reflect her style.

With a background in printed textiles, pattern design, fashion and interior design, Siobhan carefully considers the design elements of both the fabric and lamp bases to create a complementary look for each piece. From the soft coloured birdhouse print to the on-trend bold geometric patterned prints, Figo Home has a whole range of styles, so you can find the perfect light for your space.

Stunning table lamps in both natural wood and bold colours, dynamic contemporary lamps, cute nursery lamps, and eye-catching ceiling shades are all available to give your home that must-have statement piece.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, the quality of our materials and the finish of our shades. We are constantly working on fun and quirky ideas and new products are added regularly. A new range of vintage lighting accessories will be available soon.

Figo Home also offers a bespoke service – custom-made lamps and lampshades to suit your specific requirements. You can even create your own lamp or ceiling shade by visiting the studio in Bristol and selecting from a range of new contemporary designed fabrics and lamp bases to design the perfect lamp for your home.


Phone: 07714530229