David Bowerman – Therapy & Coaching

What does David do?

To put it simply, David can help you improve how you think, feel and perform. This will enable you to overcome your own challenges and move forward in your life. You will also learn to have a clearer mind and greater resilience. David can help if you:

– Are struggling with life or emotional difficulties including anxiety, depression and addiction by enabling you to develop new ways of feeling and thinking – leading to improvements in mood, well being & self-esteem.

– Are having problems in your relationships or want to be able to communicate and connect better with people close to you and in general.

– Want coaching to have a happier, more successful life; or if you would like to be more present, feel more comfortable in your own skin, and have greater peace of mind.

“David’s calm, understanding, and sometimes lightly humoured approach made me feel instantly at ease. I have felt calmer, more productive and more content within myself.”

Who is David?

David is a coach and therapist trained in many different approaches and techniques.   He has spent years searching for the most powerful ways to help people change and progress. Now he works using a new understanding of the mind that he has found to be the most effective way to change how we feel, to think more freely, and to have greater happiness and success. This understanding is known by different names, including Innate Health and the Three Principles. Additionally, he works with people looking to deepen their grasp of this understanding.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a free chat.

If you are curious I offer a free chat so you can get more of a sense of if I can help.

Email: david@david-bowerman.com

Website: david­-bowerman.com

Phone: 07886490369

Wellbeing, Hamilton house, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY