Artist of the Month: Docteur de Peste

“As may be seen on picture here,
In Venice the doctor do appear,
When to his patients he is called,
In places by the plague appalled,
His hat and cloak, of fashion new,
Is made of oilcloth, dark of hue,
His cap with glasses is designed,
His bills with antidotes all lined,
That foulsome air may do no harm,
Nor cause the doctor man alarm,
The staff in hand must serve to show
His noble trade where’er he goes.”

Docteur De Peste (The Plague Doctor) creates artworks which pay homage to the art of engraving and woodcut printing.

Being influenced by many sources, from the theatrical atmosphere of his hometown, Venice, to the extreme and bizzarre creations by the artists of the Renaissance, Docteur De Peste aims to create new compositions, which mix classic components and new graphic elements and typography.

If you would like to buy some cards, they are available in the Coexist Shop. If you would be interested in seeing more or buying some of his prints, head to his instagram page below or drop
him an email: