Artist of the Month: Greg Derrick


Greg Derrick is local artist based somewhere at the feet of the Mendips and south of the city of Bristol. Growing up in Bristol gave him an exposure to a creativity and a multitude of ideas which informs his work. After leaving school with barely a qualification to his name Greg studied at night whilst scraping a living. This enabled him to get into Bower Ashton where he studied Drawing and Applied Art. Graduating in 2004 he has had various success with his work. First concentrating on Book Art he created a series of maps which charted the vague and whimsical. From maps of Nothing to Melancholy, Metanarratives and beyond. His maps have been collected for the Tate’s permeant catalogue and he has also displayed his work at the Babes book art fair in Bristol.

The North Marsh

Since then Greg has became obsessed with the fractured and divided land of North Somerset (the North Marsh of the Somer Folk). A landscape reclaimed from the sea, through irrigation ditches and ancient technologies. The North Marsh A series of small satellites towns which feed Bristol surrounded by the complex patchwork of farm and private land. The hedgerows betray a centuries old land grab by the landed elite from the common folk. Today the scars remain and whilst you can view the majesty from the surrounding hills. You can only dream of travelling through or knowing this reclaimed and fractured landscape. He creates paintings using acrylics and has them reproduced using the high quality Giclee process.