For students, journalists and anyone interested in the Hamilton House story and how it’s been covered in the news, have a look below to find an archive of mentions in the press, as well as links to our latest public statements.

Hamilton House tenants unite – Bristol 24/7 – 08/08/2017
Three months until D-day for Hamilton House, home of The Canteen – Bristol Post – 20/07/17
News on the future of Hamilton House – Bristol Cable – 20/07/17
Passions run high over future of Hamilton House – Bristol 24/7 – 20/07/17
Hamilton House: uncertain future for the projects using one of Bristol’s best known buildings – ITV News – 20/07/17
Future of Hamilton House in Stokes Croft thrown up in the air – Bristol Cable – 14/07/17
“We are desperate to see a positive resolution for the community” – Bristol 24/7 – 14/07/17
Future is ‘uncertain’ for Stokes Croft Hamilton House say tenants – Bristol Post – 14/07/17
Mixed Messages over Future of Hamilton House – Bristol 24/7 – 13/07/17
Twelve Hours in Hamilton House – Bristol 24/7 – 09/06/17
Community urged to show support as Hamilton House bid rejected – Bristol 24/7 – 31/05/17
Bid to secure Hamilton House for community use – Bristol 24/7 – 15/05/17
Deadline looms for Bids on Hamilton House – Bristol Post – 12/05/17
Meet the people that call Hamilton House Home – Bristol 24/7 – 02/12/16
Bristol ranked fourth in inspiring city list – The Guardian – 23/11/16
Is the iconic centre of Stokes Croft about to be sold to new owners? – Bristol Post – 21/10/16
Bristol firm introduces ‘period policy’ for female staff – The Week – 02/03/16
UK company to introduce ‘period policy’ for female staff – The Guardian – 02/03/16

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Coexist AGM – Dec 2016

Wild Winter Feast – Dec 2016

Pioneering Period Policy Talk /w Alexandra Pope – 03/16

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