Meet The Team

Behind the scenes of Hamilton House (or just running up and down the stairs) you'll find this lovely bunch of mugs: the Coexist Team. Ranging from those who have been here from the formation of the project, to those who have arrived in a post-Brexit world, Coexist prides itself on it's dynamic, creative and friendly staff.

Chloe Foy

Director, People Development Manager

Kimberly Rogers

Director, Operations Manager

Bex Baxter

Director, Chair of the Board

Front of House & Shop

Gem Burgoyne

Coexist Shop Manager

Ruth Keenan

Front of House Manager

Cecile Cailleau

FOH and Gallery Coordinator


Bea Oliver

Finance Admin Support

Events & Kitchen

Krista Lahey-James

Events Booking Administrator

Elisabet Sanudo

Events Coordinator

Sarah Uncles

Events Coordinator

Ari Cantwell

Director, Community Kitchen

Claudia Poligioni

Community Kitchen


Danny Balla

Director, CoResist

Deborah Ward



Patrick Atkins

Graphic Design and Creative Marketing

Space & Community Engagement

Rich Hobbs

Studio and Office Administrator

Jon Newey

Community Engagement Manager


Cecilia Bruzzone

Wellbeing Finance

Nealey Conquest

Community Conscious; Wellbeing Outreach

Lioba Fezer

Wellbeing Marketing

Voluntary Board Members

Jamie Pike

Founder, Non-Executive Director

Brendan Tate

Non-Executive Director

Petronella Tyson

Non-Executive Director

Sheena Wynne

Non-Executive Director

Aurelie Broeckerhoff

Non-Executive Director

Maintenance & IT

Toby Riches

Building Maintenance