Information For Hiring the Hamilton House Gallery and Running An Exhibition

Below is all the information you'll need to hire the Hamilton House Gallery. You'll find all the required forms, deadlines for copy and information on how to help market your event.

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Firstly read through our information pack. Nine times out of 10 you'll find the answers to your questions here...
Info Pack

Read the Artist Info Pack below or DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Artist Information Pack

What happens now?

Once you agree your hire, it’s important to send back your signed agreement, this confirms you hire. Please make sure you read through the terms and conditions too.

Now it’s time to really start preparing for your show, hopefully this information pack should give you all the answers you need but if there’s anything else, please just get in touch. There is also a floor plan included here.

If you are planning to run some workshops as part of your exhibition you must make this clear now, details can be firmed up nearer the time, but you may also want to include them in your marketing information to us.


This is the next important piece of information that we need from you next, if you want us to advertise your exhibition. It’s best to get it in to us as soon as possible, but we do have a deadline of 5pm on the 1st of the month before your exhibition.

We advertise:
-On our website and social media channels
-Online listings site such as and
-In our in-house bi-monthly programme

If you would like to also create your own marketing material I can forward our logos to you, please also make sure you use this information:

Hamilton House Gallery
80 Stokes Croft
0117 924 9599
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 8.30pm Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4.30pm

Before your exhibition

Sales Inventory

I will email you a sales sheet; this is to gather information to input into our till so we can start selling your work straight away. It would be helpful if you can send this back before your start date. It’s a good idea to account for the commission in your prices.

Opening/ Preview Night

I will be in touch two weeks before regarding set up and set down times, but also the opening/preview night should you wish to have one. This is included in your hire and must only be held weeknights finishing at 8.30pm latest, and must be confirmed in advance so we can log it in the calendar.

You are welcome to serve alcoholic drinks at the opening; however we do not currently have a license covering the gallery so you will not be able to sell any. The Canteen are happy for you to buy drinks there and bring them across as an alternative option. Please speak to the gallery coordinator if you have any more questions about this.

It is not possible to have a private event as the gallery needs to be open for reception and the shop.

Hanging/ Set Up

Any set up time is inclusive of the dates you have booked the gallery for; you will be able to access the gallery from 9am on that day. We do have a small tool kit and white paint that is available or you to use but hanging the work is your responsibility so please bring any other tools that you may require. Note that we do not have a drill.

The gallery is an open space and there will be visitors coming into reception, the shop and using meeting rooms. It is usual that visitors respect your hanging space, but we may be able to provide a barrier for you to stop people coming into the gallery.

Car Parking

We have a car park at the back of the building which is accessed off City Road. The car park is managed by our landlords so we cannot guarantee availability; there is also a flat cost of £5 during Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. You can contact our landlords Connolly & Callaghan on 0117 942 0100.

For loading and unloading from the car park, we have a designated space, you will need to come to reception to collect an access card for a deposit of £10 which will get you in and out the building from the back.


We do not have any large space to store artwork or other equipment. However, it may be possible to arrange this by speaking to the gallery coordinator. This will need to be arranged in advanced and will be charge at £5 per day.


All electrical equipment being brought into the gallery will need to be PAT tested, unless under one year old. All equipment is brought into the space at your own risk, you may want to consider securing it in some way.


The gallery is staffed throughout the opening hours and so you are not required to be present, however you are most welcome to be in the space at any time. It would be helpful if you would arrange this with the gallery coordinator so we can expect you and provide you with a table and chair. We will also provide you with hot drinks!

Risk Assessment

It is your responsibility to carry out a risk assessment for you exhibition, which Coexist may ask to see. We can provide you with a template for this is you wish.

This is to ensure that there will be no risks to staff or the public when the space is open.

After You Exhibition

Setting Down
Again this date is included in the hire period and you will have until 9pm weekdays or 5pm weekends to clear the space. It is up to you when you come to take it down but we do suggest leaving it up as long as possible to gain maximum exposure.

Please make sure you leave the space as you found it, take all fixings out and fill the holes. You can use the tool kit at reception here too.

If any artwork has sold (indicated by red dot) please wrap, clearly identify with the title and leave at reception so we can pass onto the customer. It is the responsibility of the artist to prepare and wrap artwork for customer collection; Coexist staff may refuse to store artwork if it is not wrapped sufficiently.

Sales & Getting Paid
After your exhibition I will send you a sales report itemising what has sold and the total minus the commission, payable to you. Once you are happy with this we can then process the payment.
It is our responsibility to deal with the sold artwork; we collect customer details and can contact them directly.

We invite feedback of any kind, so would be grateful if you do have any to forward to us to continue providing the best possible affordable space for artists.

...and make sure your read our T&Cs
Terms & Conditions

Read our terms and conditions below or DOWNLOAD THEM HERE

Hamilton House Gallery Hire Terms & Conditions


Artist/ Event Host – Individual or Organisation and agreed representatives
Exhibitions Coordinator – The Coexist staff member making any arrangements with the Event Host in relation to the gallery hire.


Every public event needs an Event Host as a representative for the event. It is the responsibility of this event host to ensure that the guidelines below are met. Event Hosts must complete a Health and Safety induction before the event.

It is the responsibility of Coexist to induct the Event host and ensure all stewards are inducted to health and safety procedures. This must be done in advance of any set-up crew entering the building to set up. Event hosts must be clear on:

– Location of first aid kit
– Fire exits, fire assembly points, and evacuation procedures
– Location of toilets
– Do not use the lift in event of a fire
– Set up & set down procedures
– Opening night & sale of alcohol
– £20 damage deposit

It is the responsibility of the Host to inform others in their group of health and safety procedures.
The £20 damage deposit is to be paid on the induction date and covers any damage left to the gallery or cleaning that needs to be carried out, after the hire period has finished.

Hire Period

Your hire period will be stated on your quote/ invoice. Please note that this includes any set up or set down time you need.

Room Condition

Upon start of the hire period the exhibitions coordinator will make sure the gallery is ready for the event host. The room will be in the condition of:

– Holes filled and sanded back
– White walls
– Grey floor
– All light bulbs working
– Clean & tidy
– Health & safety check done

It is the responsibility of the event host to make sure the gallery is in the same state as when they find it. If not the £20 damage deposit held will be taken to cover the costs of any repair.

Agreed Physical Changes

Any fixings or changes to the space must be agreed with the exhibitions coordinator prior to the event. This includes any screws, bolts, and hooks, nails or tape onto and into the walls, floors and ceilings. Any fabric used for an event must be fire proofed.

Please List below any agreed changes that need to be made to the space, including any drilling into walls.


There will be a 50% deposit to be paid upon confirmation of your booking.
(You will be sent two invoices, the deposit invoice will be dated on the day it is sent to you, and the balance invoice will be post – dated two weeks prior to your booking and is not due until then.) Our payment terms are 14 days.

The Artist/ Event Host is responsible for ensuring that any agreed hire fee must be paid in full prior to the event unless otherwise agreed in writing

Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002:

Please note that these Acts give us the right to charge interest on late payments (14 days under our current terms). The interest rate under the Act is the Bank of England base rate that applies during the period in which the debt falls PLUS 8%.

Change of Date and Cancellation Procedure

Once this agreement is signed the dates are confirmed and booked in.
Changing the dates of the hire period will only be accepted if you provide more than two months notice. Any less than two months notice changing the dates will only be agreed if the Exhibitions Coordinator can fill your space.

Upon cancellation any monies paid are refundable providing the correct period of notice is given.
– If you notify us of your cancellation one month in advance of your booking you will receive a full refund
– Any less than one months notice and you will be liable to pay the full cost of the hire.

Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of the artist/ event host to complete a risk assessment for the duration of the hire period, including set up and set down time as well as the exhibition period itself. The exhibition coordinator may require evidence of this in advance.


Coexist has buildings and contents insurance for it’s own belongings, as well as PLI Insurance that covers Coexist only.

The artist or event host should make their own arrangements to make sure their event is appropriately risk assessed and has adequate insurance cover against damage or theft, and PLI.
The Artist/ Event Host may be required to present evidence of their own public liability insurance in advance.

Coexist accepts no responsibility for artist/ exhibitors work for the duration of the exhibition or after if any storage is agreed.

Recommended insurers are Oval Insurance Group, they are based in Bristol


Any sales of artwork or other items related to the exhibition must go through the reception desk. Coexist will earn 30% of these sales as a commission unless stated otherwise. Coexist will hold any monies for the duration of your exhibition and then provide you with a sales report once your exhibition is over indicating the total taken, Coexist’s commission and total payable to you, which will then be transferred to your specified bank account.

Please note: Coexist adds a charge of £30 per week for exhibitions that choose not to sell any work.

Coexist is responsible for contacting customers to arrange collection of artwork sold. Please leave the sold pieces (indicated by a red dot) at reception when you take down your show. It is the responsibility of the artist to prepare and wrap artwork for customer collection, Coexist staff may refuse to store artwork if it is not wrapped sufficiently.

Once you have clued yourself up and are ready to book, use the form below.
Gallery Hire Proposal Form

To propose an exhibition in our gallery, please fill in this form.

So you've booked the Hamilton House Gallery and read our terms and conditions. The next step is to market your event. To get the best results read through our Marketing Guidelines and once done fill in the marketing form.

Please note: if you have any changes to your event please email: and Cc in Bookings will confirm if the changes are possible or not and Marketing will update the marketing information.

Marketing Guidelines

Please thoroughly read all the following information regarding the ins and outs of event marketing at Hamilton House

We do our best to help spread the word of all the fantastic events run at Hamilton House, but please remember this is YOUR event, so it is YOUR responsibility to get bums on seats. Having said that below is a list of FREE marketing avenues we employ. Please use the marketing form in the drop down below to submit marketing material for all avenues.

Hamilton House Printed Newsletter:

We create a fortnightly 4-page A5 newsletter which is distributed around the building. We usually print around 500 copies per/month. As there is limited space in the printed newsletter we cannot guarantee to feature your event and advise you to get your marketing material as early as possible.

The deadline for copy for the printed newsletter is 20th of each month prior to the month you’re event is taking place. For example, if you have an event on the 15th March that you would like us to fwature, we will need information by the 20th February. We WILL NOT be able to include your event if you send information after this date. We always appreciate receiving marketing materials earlier than this date so we have time to upload it to the website and get you to double check the information is correct. If there are any mistakes in your copy and you haven’t checked, they will be carried over to the printed newsletter which is no good for anyone! Website:

We list all events on our website and currently receive around 500+ views per day. Your listing will get a full page under the appropriate category. You are welcome to use more than one category if your event has different elements in it such as a Film Screening With Q&A would fall under categories MUSIC, THEATRE, FILM & COMEDY and TALKS & LECTURERS.


Once we’ve uploaded your listing to the website we will send you a confirmation email. At this point please check all the information in your listing: time & date of the event, contact details and copy. Once you’ve confirmed the copy is good we will directly copy and paste the information to be used in our printed programme. Because of this if there are any mistakes they will be copied across, so please make sure you thoroughly check everything is correct.

Here’s an example of what a listing looks like


We have a fortnightly e-newsletter with 2,000+ readers. Within it we include a link to the online version of the monthly programme and what’s coming up next month. This is a really good reason to get your marketing material to us as soon as possible so we can shout about it the month before and give your event more exposure!

Social Media

We use Facebook and Twitter, our username for both is @coexistcic and our hashtag is #ItGoesOnHere. Everyone in the team gets involved in our social media and we’re pretty quick at reposting and responding. Best thing to do is share your event on your Facebook or Twitter accounts and include @coexistcic and #ItGoesOnHere and there’s a good chance we’ll repost it.

Posters & Flyers

If you’ve been to our venue you’ll know we have a foyer overrun with fly posters and flyers. You are welcome to put up posters and flyers as long as you can find a space.


For use with our various channels we require high resolution images. Please submit 300dpi images of at least 1000px X 1000px. (We will crop the images to size). If you have no idea what we’re talking about with dpi, pixels etc… click this link to find out more:

Please don’t send us your finished flyer with dates, times and venue because the chances are it won’t fit in with our layout and we’ll have to chop part of it off. Unfortunately we generally can’t use these type of images and will have to list your event without an image which will significantly impact the adverts potential. Please send us a high quality image that represents what your event is about. E.G. If you’re running a ballet class, a picture of a ballerina or a ballet class would work.

Please don’t simply grab an image from a Google search as it will be under copyright and unfortunately we won’t be able to use it. Why not try searching Flickr instead. There are hundreds of images free to use commercially, and they generally only ask you to give appropriate credit to be given to the photographer.

Exhibition Marketing Form
Once we've received your marketing form we'll add your event to our website listings page. When this is done we'll send you an email asking you to proof read the information.

Make sure you check for typos and confirm the dates and start times are correct. It's really important to make sure these details are correct because this information will be used for our printed programme and our e-newsletter.

Feedback Form