Executive Producer for Into the Woods

About the show:
Under a canopy of branches and cushioned by fallen leaves, Into The Woods is a meditative audio performance using a combination of live spoken-word, pre-recorded binaural sounds and abstract movement. The story challenges us to consider the importance of reconnecting with ourselves and our natural surroundings.
It asks, what lies beyond the wall of sleep? How powerful is the human psyche? And what does it really mean to be alone in the dark?
Into The Woods debuted in Hamilton House in November in 2016 and is now being developed into an outdoor show. We are now applying for Art Council Funding to take the show on tour in the UK in September and October this year. The grant will also allow for further research and development into sensory deprivation, phenomenology and binaural sound.
Written and directed by Emily Trott, a multi-disciplinary artist whose work spans sound, installation-based work, creative writing and more recently, immersive theatre. Emily continuously strives to explore the faculties and limits of human perception, both spatially and conceptually.
Performed by Deborah Ward, a passionate storyteller, comic performer, theatre maker & facilitator. Throughout many of her projects themes of nature exploration and the wild have been central. By telling the story Into The Woods, Deborah invites the audience into spaces of wild feminine expression, through silence, movement, soundscapes and spoken word.
Project aims: To create magic! The performance aims take each audience member on a meditative journey through binaural sound and live performance To empower and inspire people to connect to their natural surroundings and inner selves Get people out of the city and into the woodlands by taking theatre out of it’s traditional space.
Job Description:
We are looking for someone who has experience in producing touring work and outdoor performances. The ideal person would have strong relationships with festival programmers, theatre producing organisations and venues across the UK.
You will be working alongside Danny Balla from CoResist who is taking the role of Creative Producer, it is important that you maintain good communication with the Creative producer and Director at all times in order to realise the aims of the project.
You will become part of a small and tight knit team, and we hope to form a strong working relationship with you that has the potential to continue after this year’s tour.
Responsibilities: Hiring a sound and lighting technician Drawing up contracts and agreements Booking travel and accommodation Carry out Health & Safety checks and Risk Assessments Research locations and organisations, develop partnerships. Secure relationships with venues and locations Manage all finances within the given budget Audience development Marketing Inviting and securing reviewers
Rate of pay:
We forecast that there will be approximately 7 to 14 days of work in total. Your rate of pay is open for discussion and the contract for work will be dependant on confirmation of Art Council Funding. We hope to have funding confirmed by the end of June at the latest.
To apply, please send your CV to intothewoodsbristol@gmail.com. Please also tell us a little bit about you, what excites you about this project and why you think you would work well in our team.
We look forward to hearing from you! Emily and the Into The Woods team. Date posted: 24th March 2017 Closing date: 3rd April 2017 Start date: Mid August 2017 End date: Early October 2017