Hamilton House might still be standing. It might look the same. You can still go to classes, gigs, rent a space or attend a workshop.


But the model you endorse by supporting it in its current format is quite different.



So what’s changed? And why should you care?


Following the dismantling and eviction of Coexist in Dec 2018, we now see in its place a private company co-opting Coexist’s business model and effectively riding on a decade of community work for its own financial gain.


Using this space is your choice; but we believe that understanding the shift in management is essential for you to make an informed decision.


Although a private company could deliver similar services, this is quite different to delivering community benefit. One treats the community as customers, a source of income that can be capitalised, the other reinvests this income for the community’s benefit and empowers it to be instrumental in creating its own future.


As citizens, neighbours, locals and visitors, we all contribute in shaping the city we live in. This makes each of our personal decisions inherently political.



What you allow is what will continue.




So make sure you ask yourself… Which system do you want to support?



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What Next?

Coexist is now based at St Anne’s House.
We are looking forward to working with our local communities, exploring new ideas and creating a space where everyone can feel welcome.

A new website is on its way but in the meantime, you can still contact us on info@coexistuk.org

All the best,