Within our Wellbeing Rooms we host our Resident Therapists who are available at the same time every week for pre-booked and drop-in appointments and Associate Therapists who are available at variable times for pre-booked appointments.

To book a session:

Resident Therapists – book via the therapist directly or main reception by calling 0117 924 9599/dropping in.

Associate Therapists – book via the therapist only

If you require more information about any therapist or therapy please visit our therapist and therapy sections.

For further assistance or queries a member of the Wellbeing Rooms admin team are available Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm and can be reached by calling 0117 924 9599 or emailing wellbeing@coexistuk.org.


Please note if you book an appointment at either our Low Cost Wednesday or Soothing Sunday clinic in advance and then cancel on the day, there is a £7 cancellation charge.

Out of respect for therapists, we ask that you give us at least 2 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment so that slots can be filled. This really supports making the low cost clinics available to more people.

For all other appointments, the cancellation policy is agreed with the individual therapist.

How do I book a session?
1. Look at the ‘What’s On’ section and see if there are any therapists in that would suit your preference.
2. Contact Hamilton House reception (0117 924 9599) any day between 9am and 9pm
3. Look through the ‘Therapists’ or ‘Therapies’ section and contact the therapist directly.

How can I get advice on which therapy is best for me?
Please see our ‘Therapists’ and ‘Therapies’ sections of the website to view our therapists’ profiles and a description of the therapies they offer. If you still need more information about how we can best meet your needs call Wellbeing reception during opening hours and a member of staff can give you more information.

Am I eligible for Low Cost Wednesday Clinic?
If you are on a lower income or benefits you are eligible for this clinic. At our discretion we also offer sessions to people who wish to try out a therapy for the first time on a one-off basis.

How do I get in touch if I wish to speak with someone face-to-face?
We are happy to answer queries in person but ask that you make an appointment by email through wellbeing@coexistuk.org first.

If I have feedback how do I offer that?
We welcome feedback to improve our service. You can contact us via email at wellbeing@coexistuk.org or leave anonymous feedback in our feedback box on top of the shoe rack in the main waiting area. If your feedback concerns a member of the management team you can contact our Operations Manager Pierre Fox at pierre@coexistuk.org


I’ve been coming to Coexist for 4 years now, various things, mainly massage but I’m now on to reflexology with Hatty. I connected with Wellbeing through a carer’s group and the annual Carer’s Day Fayre because I care for my wife. As a carer I can get reduced rates and it’s been worth every penny!

The treatments help me de-stress because looking after somebody with mental illness can be quite demanding at times. As a carer you do get your down periods and you can’t respond instantly to things – you’ve got to take yourself out of the situation and try to relax. I’ve found that once I’ve had the treatment it’s a benefit for me – it makes me calmer more relaxed and helps me deal with things when the pressure comes back. Every six weeks I come. It’s a great atmosphere here and I hope Hamilton House keeps going!

Regular Customer

I got more from that massage than what I get out of any drug. This was my first session but I’m looking forward to many more and I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

St Mungos Hostel Resident

I got more from that massage than what I get out of any drug. This was my first session but I’m looking forward to many more and I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

St Mungos Hostel Resident

I was diagnosed with anxiety and severs depression in 2005… it took me a long time to get help. My life was very restrictive on account of compulsive habits I hung on to, to cope with anxiety. I hardly ventured beyond the doors of my house, my life a long shadow of better days remembered.

Over the next five years I had counselling and did CBT at home. I found out about complimentary therapies Second Step. I had five weekly sessions of Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage in Community Conscious’ first pilot. I had never tried such therapies before and counselling was a slow process. Perhaps my body needed counselling too?

I feel more relaxed, less anxious and have clearer thinking after sessions. I have been much better this year due to a number of factors, not least this therapy. I would like more treatments and recommend therapies as an aid for keeping focussed and giving your body a well needed rest. A daily routine of relaxation and exercise, coupled with Shiatsu, Massage etc… will strongly help you along the rocky road of recovery.


on Wellbeing Outreach (Community Conscious)

I have suffered with IBS for years and after finding prescribed medication and diet change was not working I looked into alternative therapies. I had 5 sessions of shiatsu [with Lioba] and have found it to have had an enormous effect on my symptoms. It has made me understand the connection between my emotions, largely stress and worry, and the issues with my stomach. Shiatsu with Lioba gave me the tools to learn to relax and to break the connection between negative emotions and my physical well being. It was the first time I had ever had shiatsu and knew very little about it but I would most definitely have treatments again. After the treatments having such a profound effect on my symptoms.

Cath, Support Worker (Bristol)

You [Sally Rodrigues] have done more for me in one hour than chiropractors and osteopaths have done in seven years

Forensic Detective, West Mercia Police

Regarding Community Conscious

Community Conscious has been delivering a range of holistic therapies to the client’s at Bristol Complex Needs hostels, St.Mungos for over 2 years. We have been impressed with their therapist’s ability to deliver skilful therapies in a busy hostel environment, to our clients who live in extremely challenging personal circumstances.

Those who have participated have clearly benefited from the therapies they have received. It has been a pleasure to see people who experience high levels of depression and anxiety, leaving the treatment room smiling and relaxed, as a number of these people rarely experience this level of well-being. I am confident that this has been a contributing factor in the recovery of these clients, and helped enable them to confront the difficulties before them.

It has been brilliant to find an organisation which is willing to reach out to some of the most vulnerable people in society, with assistance that they would not normally be able to access. The therapists have at all times been able to put our clients at ease, treated them inclusively and been sensitive to their support needs.

I and other members of the team, have personally experienced a massage from one of the therapists, and found they were highly skilled, and that the session left us relaxed and more able to perform well at work.

Georgina Green, Skills Worker at Bristol Complex Needs, St.Mungos

I was slightly apprehensive at first as body work and strangers and me don’t mix very well but Nealey was so good it was easy to relax.

By the end myself and my partner had built up a certain level of trust, enabling a two way communication to begin through touch. This workshop gave me an insight into how massage could work holistically in a way that I had never experienced before. Quite exciting.

Thank you.

Josephine, 50+ partner massage workshop at Hamilton House

Our health trainer introduced me and Chris to your Wellbeing centre. When I come along for sessions I might feel a bit stressed before but after I feel a lot better. It makes me feel relaxed and refreshed and helps my body. This is a good opportunity to come along and have what I’m having done. We didn’t think we could do two years but now we’re going to do more.

Janet, long-term massage client in our Community Clinic

I’ve been working with Community Conscious since the beginning and given treatments to Janet for a couple of years, initially through the Bristol Health Trainers but now independently. I have to say, Janet is one of my favourite clients. She’s someone I might not necessarily get a chance to interact with on a daily basis, so for me it’s a treat to have got to know her and to break any preconceptions that one might have about working with people with learning difficulties. I had assumed that her understanding would be different to my understanding and that it would be more difficult to explain what was going to happen or more difficult to proceed with a treatment in the usual way. Actually from doing these sessions I don’t think it is any different or at least not with Janet. She understands exactly what I understand and that’s quite nice to know.

It’s just really special to give to people that really really need it. Of course, we all need a bit of love and care but there are people who are overloaded with their own personal issues or circumstances in life and might not even be aware of how much they could benefit from a holistic treatment. Often there are more traditional methods of supporting people, such as group work which are definitely of benefit but it’s not the same thing as receiving a one-to-one session with someone who is just there to listen to you and help your body to reconnect with itself. Working with Community Conscious is the most challenging work that I’ve done as a therapist, but I love it.

Cecilia, massage therapist for Community Conscious outreach work