At Hamilton House we have over 500 permanent building users, where over 2500 events take place per year. We’ve been running as a sustainable, mixed use community centre for over 7 years and we’d love to show you around, share what we’ve learnt and answer any questions you have about the history, about the how we work together or how we make the business run.

Free Tours around the building will typically take place on the first Tuesday of every month where possible.

If you need to take a tour outside of these times, it will cost £25 per hour tour as we get a very high volume of requests and can’t manage to facilitate all of them as we work very limited part time hours. Please fill out the form and we can be touch to arrange this and make sure we help you fulfill your needs.

The next available tours will be on:

11 July
1 August
5 September
7 November
5 December

All tours take place at 5pm.