Kalandar Warren – Shiatsu Therapist

Healing Shiatsu has been the backbone of my journey in getting in touch with my body, my emotions and indeed with something greater than myself. Learning and practising Shiatsu has over time transformed my posture and allowed me to maintain a consistently vibrant response to life’s challenges.

Shiatsu is one of the most adaptable and versatile of healing bodywork arts and its dynamic form is constantly evolving using as it does the acupuncture meridian system and many different stretches and techniques.
By means of Oriental Diagnosis and a trusting relationship between Practitioner and Receiver, the intention with Shiatsu is to identify imbalances, improve the flow of Ki energy and bring the individual to a more balanced place.

My main teacher has been Sonia Moriceau and I graduated from her school, the Healing Shiatsu Education Centre, in 1995. I also hold the Shiatsu Society MRSS qualification (1996). I have also studied courses with Keith Phillips (Bristol School of Shiatsu) and Frank Davis (Bath School of Shiatsu and Yoga).

The essence of Shiatsu is supporting individuals to attain the full flowering of their Beings at the level of Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Email: kalandar_warren@yahoo.co.uk

Phone: 07969578745