Judit Halasz – Thai Massage

Judit Halasz– Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient holistic therapy (dating back more than 2500 years).It combines yoga, reflexology, acupressure and Ayurveda. Working on the acupressure points along the energy lines (SEN), the massage stimulates the body’s energy level and promotes the natural healing system.

In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned, and energy is balanced. The overall effect is deep relaxation, rejuvenation, physical and mental well-being.

Furthermore, blending general Thai Yoga Massage techniques with Tok Sen is an amazing work. The name Toksen combines the knocking sound of the mallet on the wedge and the word for energy lines Sen.

The gentle tapping triggers vibrations at the muscles and nerve endings that pass through the entire body. This resonance helps to dislodge long-held and stubborn tension by helping to release and relax the body, unblocking the energy lines and easing the flow along the Sen.


Removes energy blocks in the body
Improves blood circulation
Relieves pain
Increases flexibility and concentration
Stretches the muscles and tones the inner organs
Reduces emotional and nervous tension
Helps with sore tendons, pinched nerves and numbness
Helps to align the body

Judit has been practicing Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Shaolin Kung Fu, Ashtanga Yoga and meditation for several years. She naturally started to be interested in holistic therapies, Chinese medicine and energy healing.

She is certified and insured Thai Yoga Massage therapist.

Thai Yoga Massage is done on a mat/futon on the floor, the recipient is dressed in comfortable clothes. The massage lasts for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

60 minute session £40
90 minute session 50
120 minute session £60

For appointments and information, please visit the website bellow or contact her.
Seasonal deals and gift vouchers are also available.


Email: info@brishtanga.com

Website: brishtanga.com

Phone: 07984 684 866