Edoardo Bertolino – Shiatsu

“Edoardo is one of the best and most intuitive masseurs I’ve seen. He has a patience and calmness to his work that always leaves me feeling relaxed and mobile.” John

Edoardo practices Shiatsu since 2011, a Japanese style of massage based on the meridian system.

To receive Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and invigorating, leaving a feeling of stillness and a sense of being in touch with every part of the body. After treatments, people often describe feeling a clearer mind and a sense of relaxed energy.

“Had my first ever Shiatsu massage with Edoardo – great experience! I was amazed that he intuitively picked up on niggles and areas where I had pain and patiently worked on them. I could just feel the tension drain away and felt great afterwards. Much more effective than just a “feelgood” massage if you suffer from tension headaches / shoulder or neck pain.” Ellen


Health and well-being have always been at the center of my interests and for this reason I graduated with a master degree in Clinical and Community Psychology, and I also became a Shiatsu Massage Practitioner as well as a Natural Health Practitioner (Naturopath).

In the past, I’ve worked with addicts and people with mental health problems, and over recent years in Emergency Psychology Teams, providing support for bereaved families, in order to prevent PTSD.


Based on the meridian system, Shiatsu is a complementary therapy that works well alongside conventional medicine. It doesn’t require use of oils and it is carried out on the clothes (better if comfortable).

Regular Shiatsu treatments help to boost the immune system and enhance general health and well-being.


*Releases tension and makes the tissues more elastic and flexible; it can be effective in case of back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder tension, muscular and joint pain.
*Shiatsu massage stretches and oxygenates the muscles;
*Improves circulation and cleansing of body fluids, removes toxins;
*Restores the body’s natural self-healing processes;
*Increases energy and can enhance performance in sport;
*Realigns the body structure;
*Helps to bring the thoughts back into the body, which can alleviate anxiety and depression;
*Encourages body awareness, increasing self-knowledge and confidence
*Induces calmness and mental clarity, and improves sleep, soothing the nervous system.


1 hour treatment: £25
1 hour and a half treatment: £35
2 hours treatment: £45

Email: edoardobertolino@libero.it

Phone: 07933 428 124