Atiya Khan – Nutritional Therapy

Do you:

– Feel tired all the time?
– Have frequent headaches or migraines?
– Have digestive issues, such as bloating, pains, flatulence?
– Have or suspect food allergies or intolerance?
– Have a history of drinking alcohol or recreational drugs?
– Do you live in a city/around lots of pollution?
– Get colds or ill a lot?
– Feel grumpy/down/shaky/angry when you miss a meal?
– Have a low mood or depression?
– Have insomnia or disturbed sleep?
– Get PMS, irregular periods, fertility issues or other hormone-related issues?
– Have acne or other skin problems?
– Have unhealthy hair and nails?
– Have a history or experience heart health issues?
– Experience muscular problems, such as aches and pains?
– Have bone health issues, eg increased risk of osteoporosis?

Nutritional therapy can help to address a chronic condition, health concern or simply get you on the right track, to improve your feelings and appearance of wellness and vitality. Naturopathic nutritional therapy is based on nutritional science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and natural therapies.

During a consultation, we will talk about your full health history, discuss a food diary, your goals and a realistic plan. After our meeting, you will receive a personalised plan, together with recipes and background information to help you to make changes in improving your health. The plan will include food and lifestyle recommendations, which are tailored for you as an individual, as we are all unique. We will review your progress in future meetings, adjusted to your needs.

An initial consultation is £60 and a follow up is £45. A minimum of two appointments is required.

I qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, have a degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry, and am registered with the British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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Phone: (07901) 532704