Become A Wellbeing Therapist

Membership Packages

If you’re a therapist looking to join the Wellbeing team check below to see which membership package would suit you best. When you're ready CLICK HERE TO JOIN and fill in the form. PLEASE NOTE: we have a waiting list and review applications on a quarterly basis (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). We ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months. We are currently not taking any more massage therapists under our Basic Membership, but welcome applications from therapists who offer other kinds of treatment.

What membership options do you have?
Please see our ‘Become a Member’ section for full details.

What happens once I fill in the online form?

You will be contacted by a member of the wellbeing team who may invite you in for an induction.

What is an induction?

This will take up to 30 mins and will involve a run through the use of the rooms and building, health and safety, invoicing etc and finally the signing of a contract.

What do I need to bring to my induction?

Your insurance and certificates

How does the graduate membership work?

You will be required to be a graduate member for a minimum of 6 months working at least 2 Sundays a month in the graduate clinic. You will then be offered the option of joining as a basic or regular member after giving one of the Wellbeing team a taster session.

Can a graduate member use the rooms at any other time?
Yes, you can book a room but ONLY on a weekend. You will be charged £4.50 an hour but may only charge your clients £25 (same as the graduate clinic).

Is there a restriction on how much I can charge my clients?
We suggest that all therapists charge between £25/hr and £50/hr for sessions to keep them accessible and within a consistent range. None of our therapists charge by donation.

What duration are the available slots on the calendar?
All slots are 1hr long on the calendar but you can also book 1.5hr slots. If you wish to offer a shorter 30min/45min session you would be invoiced for the whole hour.

What equipment is provided by Wellbeing Rooms?
2 x pillows, 2 x blankets, couch/futon, speakers for music (in Purple Room only), tea lights, incense, water jug & glasses, tables in all rooms.

Can I store my equipment in the Wellbeing Rooms?
Yes – sheets, oil, stationery etc. can be stored in a contained bag on the shelves next to the Yellow Room. However, we can’t store bigger equipment such as treatment couches as there isn’t space.

Will you have access to Wifi in the Wellbeing Rooms?
Yes – the password is on the cork board in the waiting area.

Can I view the calendar?
Yes – you will be given a link to an un-editable live version of our online calendar in your welcome pack.

How do I book my sessions?
You can call us to book sessions during Wellbeing Reception opening hours (Monday-Friday 11am – 3pm/Wednesday12pm – 8pm) on 0117 915 4830 or main reception on 0117 924 9599.

Is there a charge to me for room hire if my client cancels at the last minute?
Yes – if your client cancels within 24hrs of the booked session time you will be invoiced for the room-hire. We suggest you have a cancellation policy in place to cover yourself in this scenario.

How much notice do I have to give if I wish to terminate my membership with Wellbeing Rooms?
You are obliged to have been practicing for at least 3 months and after this period we ask for 1 month notice. However, in extenuating circumstances Wellbeing management may make an exception.

How do I join the Low Cost Wednesday Clinic?
You can only be considered for this clinic if you already have a membership with us.