Fit Feb is HERE…

Bored of your resolutions ? Feeling uninspired by your regular workout? Then it’s time to try something new!

Coexist and DMAC present FIT FEB. Each working day of February we will be giving away up to 4 free class passes to many of the DMAC classes that currently run in Hamilton House.

This is a chance for you to break out of your routine and have a go at something different. With loads of classes on offer including Salsa, Yoga, Belly Dance, Drumming, Tai-Chi and Tango, your choice is massive!

Entering couldn’t be simpler. Each week day from the 1st of Feb, we will be posting on the Hamilton House social media channels. All you need to do is like, share or comment on the post. All those who respond will be entered into a draw and we’ll pick out up to 4 names each day to receive a pass.

You will then have until the end of March to claim your free class.


Watch out for more information coming out on our Facebook page throughout February – we’re excited, and hope you are too!

Check out the full list of classes up for grabs below!