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Pioneering Period Policy: Valuing natural cycles in the workplace

March 15 @ 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Free - £27
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Event Details

A half-day seminar led by Alexandra Pope, dynamic women’s leadership coach and educator at the forefront of the emerging new field of menstruality.

  • Alexandra will present a radically new model of the menstrual cycle as an asset for your entire organisation
  • Learn how to maximise the wellbeing of ALL your employees by fostering a positive approach to the menstrual cycle
  • Create efficiency in the workplace by utilising natural cycles of men and women
  • Pioneer a ‘Period Policy’ for your organisation/work-life
  • Network with other individuals, groups and organisations that want to explore and develop these ideas

For a full background of this exciting movement & details of the event please see the overview below:



Cycle awareness is a mindfulness tool for women and men. The Pioneering Period Policy seminar leads the way in guiding decisions and fostering a positive approach to valuing the menstrual cycle; celebrating and supporting the true efficiency and wellbeing of people within organisations.

The menstrual cycle is a stress management and self care tool that also offers a clear model of the creative process and sustainable living for women and men. When a woman is aware of the energy dynamic of her cycle and values and works with it, she has a more effective and efficient means of managing her energy and time for personal well-being and optimum creativity and productivity in the workplace. In short, cycle awareness is a mindfulness tool for women.

This resource in women is unrecognised and unvalued. For centuries women have endured shame, ridicule and embarrassment and been deprived of education and positions of power because of the cycle. While this historical worldwide disempowerment has shifted to some degree today for many women in the world, until women everywhere can comfortably talk about their cycles as healthy and positive we are all in some way diminished.

The purpose of this policy initiative is to create a positive approach to menstruation and the menstrual cycle that empowers women and men and supports the effectiveness and wellbeing of the organisation. To restore the menstrual cycle as the asset it is.

In the past any proposal to allow women to for example have time off at menstruation has been derided by men and women alike. In this context menstruation is seen as a liability or a problem. Or as women getting ‘special treatment’.

While this conversation is focused on the menstrual cycle, it forms part of a larger debate about honouring cycles in general – circadian, ultradian, seasonal etc., and cyclical consciousness as a model of sustainability – individual and organisational.

This seminar forms part of CoResist’s ‘Rights of nature, Rights of the human’ season. Alexandra Pope, women’s leadership coach, author and founder of the ‘Red School’ will be holding this morning workshop – educating, empowering and inspiring a wide range of organisations to explore menstruation and other natural energy cycles, and to consider the tangible benefits of creating a ‘Period Policy’ for themselves.

About Alexandra Pope

Author of The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation, The Women’s Quest Workbook and co author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you, Alexandra is a women’s leadership coach and educator at the forefront of the emerging new field of menstruality, exploring women’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being from menarche to menopause.

redschool.net redschoolonline.net coresist.org

Alexandra’s work has been described in Australian national press as:

“Set to change the way a woman’s menstrual cycle is viewed in Western Society…”

“Pope’s view has such resonance and potency as to be life-changing.”

“The menstrual cycle as a way of recognising natural cycles as the most powerful and intelligent energy systems we can use.”


LATEST 3/3/2016


After a few days in the media spotlight, Coexist and CoResist have met to reflect on the reaction to the Pioneering Period Policy event.

As an organisation focusing on creating opportunity to best provide for the community, Coexist’s role is to facilitate; open up and host safe spaces in the community to explore important issues – not just physical space, but broader conversational space. That said, a trending global debate and intense media attention was somewhat unexpected.

It’s fair to say reactions have been mixed, many embrace the idea, seeing menstruality as central to society, while some headlines seemed to perceive the concept as an already-adopted ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan for paid time off.

And while that may seem tricky, this still feels like success – an important and largely taboo subject is being debated passionately. Though perspectives vary, with the event coming up on the 15th March, greater understanding is inevitable as we continue to explore the benefits of natural cycles as an asset to optimal health and productivity in the workplace for men and women.

Coexist remain excited to be hosting the conversation.


March 15
9:30 am - 1:00 pm
Free - £27
Event Category:


Bex & CoResist


Hamilton House – Conference Space
80 Stokes Croft
Bristol, BS1 3QY
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0117 924 9599