Ottolenghi Fundraiser for Community Kitchen

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Ottolenghi Fundraiser For Community Kitchen

Coexist Community Kitchen in collaboration with Ottolenghi present a delicious spring time banquet whipped up by the very chefs who create the insatiable flavours of the London-based Ottolenghi and Nopi restaurants.

This event is a fundraising dinner for the Coexist Community Kitchen, who use food as a way to support people and bring people together. We focus mainly on social outreach work and partner with many organisations such as Bristol Drugs Project, The Prince’s Trust, Bristol Refugee Rights and Second Step, among others – using food as a vehicle to challenge life’s challenges!

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Venue Hire

As well as being a host for over 500 diversely talented licensees and businesses, Hamilton House also prides itself on being a vibrant and eclectic space for hire, with competitive prices to boot!

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Our Story

In 2008 the owners, Connolly and Callaghan invited a group of friends to create a centre for the community. Ever since, Coexist has been working hard to create a space in which the community can grow. We have grown organically and will continue to do so, open to respond to what is needed by the community within and without the building.

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Who's Here

Hamilton House spaces are made up of a wide variety of artists and makers including visual fine artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion and costume designers. We house organisations from festival planners, to award winning social enterprises like The Bristol Bike Project.

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Coexist really helped me to get my courses on “Art for the Afraid” up and running in Bristol. They have been so supportive, allowing me to use their beautiful community arts space at a very reasonable rate, and offering lots of advice and enthusiasm. I’ve felt very much part of the community since moving to the area and starting up work here as a teacher and an artist; all the folk who work at Co Exist have been so friendly, approachable and full of encouragement for new ideas and projects. It really feels as if anything is possible here!

Emma Burleigh (artist)

Hello Coexist,
As Sing With Soul Choir takes a break for summer I’d like to thank you for your support and encouragement so far. We’ve seen you show up at performances, sing our praises to your friends and happily hand out leaflets. We couldn’t have better cheerleaders!

Jill (choir leader)

A magical place where dreams come true. Inspirational and creative environment with committed, supportive and loving staff. Xxx

Butzi Schlaadt (fashion designer)